Conditions of sale



Orders should be placed minimum 16 weeks (during winter) or 14 weeks (during summer) before the date of planned collection of seedling. Orders are accepted over the phone, via e-mail or regular mail or personally. After placing order and having it confirmed, 20% down payment needs to be paid immediately, otherwise order will not be executed. In case of resignation from the purchase of plants, down payment is passed on the agent.
Minimum order consists of 90 plants. The plants are sold in multiplets with 45 seedings each.
container Jiffy 6cm – 3,10 PLN/piece netto
rooted plant taken out of agar – 2,00PLN/piece netto



Collection of the placed order is in the management of the purchaser and e in Łódź. There is a possibility of transporting the order to a client provided that it was agreed upon beforehand and with extra charge. As far as foreign orders are concerned the shipping method needs to be established when placing order.



Accepted methods of payment include: cash, postal order and bank transfer.

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